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Our trained and artistic design team are on hand to implement your ideas and turn them into reality. Bring us your idea on paper, on disk, by fax or e-mail and we will draw it up and get you a proof.

Laser Engraving

The samples show a good illustration of the lasers capability and accuracy on a material traditionally so hard to work with – wood. The pictures have been thumbnailed to keep the download speed to a minimum. If you want to see them in detail simply click on them.

Manual Engraving

Sometimes there are jobs that computers simply can’t do. For these we have retained several “D” Type Pantograph engraving machines.

Routing Engraving

As well as the traditional methods, we also use the latest technology in flatbed routers. Our design team can turn even the most complicated logos into a format that can be engraved.


Sublimation is a method of transfering an image from specially printed paper on to different materials such as PVC, Anodised aluminium, ceramics, mugs, ceramic wall tiles, t-shirts, coasters, table mats, mouse mats, etc. all of which have a sublimation coating on them.

The Process

Have you ever wanted to know how our system processes your order? Well good news is at hand! This new page is laid out to show the typical path a job would take when it comes to us.