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Manual Engraving

Sometimes there are jobs that computers simply can't do. For these we have retained several "D" Type Pantograph engraving machines.


Boundstone Engraving keeps a range of the traditional pantograph engraving machines, which deal with an enormous range of tasks. This versatility, combined with our skilled operators who have amassed many years of experience, allows us to undertake all types of engraving and milling work.

The adaptability of the machines is so great that there are not many things we haven’t engraved before. From watches and tankards right through to Submarine Doors and even heating boilers.


Peter, our senior pantograph operator says,

“The most challenging job I’ve had so far was a task we undertook for the government. We had to engrave a scale on a turned steel cylinder. The diameter was only about twelve inches but the object itself weighed over 200lbs, so getting it on the machine was quite a task! In the thirty plus years I have been here we haven’t found anything this trusty instrument couldn’t handle!”